Our aim at Churchlands is to recognise and build upon the individual uniqueness of each of our women as they have been created by God.

God is drawing girls of all ages from the four corners of the Earth to form an army. He calls them HIS girls! United under the banner of Jesus Christ, they are carriers of His presence wherever they go.

Delight is a place to remember who you are and who you belong to. It’s a place to raise a standard, to wage a war of justice, righteousness and truth. It’s about making the name of Jesus famous across the Earth!

We have a range of small groups that vary from Bible study to activity based. Larger gatherings are held at various times during the year.

God’s Word tells us that He takes great delight in us (Zeph 3:17) and that life’s true satisfaction comes solely from Him, our delight (Psalm 37:4). It’s about mutual delight between God and His girls!

  • For further information about the women’s ministry, please contact Alaine McElroy at the Church Office on (08) 6241 2700.