Welcome to Churchlands

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about our church community. Churchlands is all about helping people to discover and strengthen their relationship with God through prayer, worship and the teaching of scripture. We believe that practising the presence of God and moving in the power of God are very natural ways that God wants us to live our lives. At Churchlands, people regularly receive healings and life-changing breakthroughs, allowing every person to grow into the plans and purposes that God has for them to impact the world they live in.

How can I be in touch?

Visit our Contact page, where you can find our location, service times and office details. Make yourself known to us at our Sunday services and stop by our visitor’s lounge for a cup of tea or coffee.


What is happening each week?

We hope you will quickly discover opportunities and ways to connect with our community.

Each month, we publish our e-Newsletter Life at Churchlands. An e-Newsletter link is sent to everyone in our members’ database. Once clicked, the file should open in your web browser, through your default .pdf reader (usually Adobe Reader/Acrobat or Preview). If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please ensure your web browser and .pdf reader program is up to date.

If you would like to listen to our services online, our latest messages are available for free download. We hope you are inspired and encouraged by this weeks’ sermon at Churchlands.

We run a number of exciting ministries at Churchlands:

How can I give financially?

At Churchlands, we believe in the Biblical principles of tithing and offerings. For more info, please visit our Giving page.

What is the denomination of the church?

Churchlands was founded in May 1987. It is a multi-cultural, regional, Word and Spirit church in Perth, Western Australia under the Southern Cross Association of Churches, which is both an apostolic network and church denomination.

Our Vision: Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Our Priorities: In our identity as SONS and daughters of God, we get to express our SONG. We are a community that is naturally SUPERNATURAL, lovers of people and being SENT into the world.

Our Team

John McElroy is the senior minister of Churchlands Christian Fellowship. He is also the director of the Southern Cross Association of Churches.

Alaine McElroy oversees the prayer, prophetic and women’s ministries.

Natanael Costea is the executive pastor.

Paul Eaton is our pastor facilitating evangelism, missions, outreach and community services.

Corinne James is personal assistant to John and Alaine McElroy and the office manager.

Debra Kerbey is the Family and Children’s pastor.

Veronica Laubscher is the office receptionist and admin assistant.

Toby McElroy is the worship pastor and co-ordinates the worship/production ministry and Sunday morning service. He also oversees communications and marketing for Churchlands and the Southern Cross Association of Churches.

Will Richmond is the youth co-ordinator, for our high schoolers.

David Raeburn is the facilities manager.

Mary C is the finance officer.

Markus Walser is our chef and co-ordinates food preparation for Churchlands Community Services.